Creating a Sales Funnel for a New Product, Part II


In my previous post, I spoke about the importance of doing all your research and ensuring that there’s a demand for your goods. This really is a crucial thing which should happen before you even create your merchandise.

Once you’ve recognized there is a need for your goods, it’s time to get started building your sales funnel. Therefore many small business people and even entrepreneurs’re guilty of focusing on shortterm sales, without considering a long term strategy.

Why not put a solid sales funnel set up now, and you shouldn’t be a one hit wonder? Here’s the way.

Build a Powerful Online Presence

If you don’t already have an internet presence, that will be a necessity for your own funnel. Assembling a strong online presence could consist of:

Assembling a web site or site
Building a audience
Adding pertinent, helpful content to your site
Driving traffic to your site using Google PPC, Face-book advertisements, Search Engine Optimisation, social networking
A strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or some other popular social networking websites in your niche
Credibility into your niche

This doesn’t need to simply take clickfunnels pricing plans years… but do expect you’ll need to devote some time for it to develop your credibility. The key here is to present solid articles to people in your specialty, and also to set some degree of trust.

Collect Emails and Construct Your Social Media Marketing Following

This could (and if ) of course be happening at precisely the same period since you’re building your online presence.

At this point you aren’t collecting followers and emails in order to sell some thing. You are continuing to engage your subscribers through newsletters, face book, Twitter, and by sending visitors back to articles in your own website.

Create & Promote an Entry Level Product

This might be the product that you created in part I of the sequence, or this may possibly be another item. However the important thing here is that this product should be cheap.

By offering a cheap solution, you’re beginning to feed potential clients into your sales funnel. Your net will be cast wide here, as your purpose is to collect emails and information from people in your niche. This will be crucial Concerning promoting and selling your backend merchandise further down the funnel

Continue to Construct Relationships

Just because they’ve bought your product does not mean they’ve completed the funnel (or it shouldn’t mean that). Regrettably, that is the point where many advertising strategies stop. For long-term success, be certain that you’re focussing on longterm relationship building.

Continue to establish relationships through newsletters and social media. Make sure you ask for feedback also to run surveys of customers who bought your front-end product. This can aid you in making your back end item.

Segment your visitors into groups, and continue to create products that meet their respective and ongoing needs.

Make and Boost your Backend Product.

This may be the key to long term growth. Too many marketers discontinue at number 3, and if they may still be profitable, they are missing out on a huge pool of untapped product sales chances.

Your back-end product is your’deluxe’ product: it’ll have a higher price , will usually take much more commitment and time to create, and also will demand that your clients trust you before they buy.

Who better to create and market a commodity for a particular niche than someone who has:

Already sold to them Before
Fulfill their requirements and wants
Has built a connection with themand
Who’s already established a level of trust.

I hope this has taken a bit of the guesswork out of building a sales funnel. Please allow me to know if you have some questions in the comments section of the blog!

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